No Rest

Four o'clock in the morning and still we cannot sleep
Turning over turning round, twisting in our sweat
They say there is no rest for the wicked ones
Dear God what have we done?
There is no rest for the wicked ones
Dear God what is this evil that we've done?
Is it that we wanted more than you gave?
Why did you put us then in this smalltown grave?
Humility - is that what you want?
Why did you make us then the way you did?
Yes we have pride - is this our sin?
Is it the times that we've been out fighting?
Well I'll tell you all those times - we never really hurt anybody
Or is it that we were eating
While other people were starving?
Is this our crime?
Is it the times we laughed about it all
Through all those whisky nights so far away?
Yes, we betrayed you - is this our crime?

Fast Food, Gordon Ramsay


Gordon Ramsay Fast Food, Pasta two dishes tried. Great results as you would expect. Very quick very simple. Superb for anyone who has a pasta mountain.  The second dish had garlic anchovies parsley pasta, that’s it  That’s pretty simple, very nice though.  The dish pictured ‘Linguine with tomatoes,Olives and Capers’, had more to it, but still very easy and quick. Extremely tasty! I recommend good pasta, there are some reasonably priced quality dried pastas now in the supermarket. Germany has some amazing offers, for good pasta. Also done from the same book was Sticky Lemon Chicken with Champ and peas, seriously good! Again free range chicken, it doesn’t need to be expensive French, but it does need to be free range. Good potatoes are a must! All these dishes are pretty cheap to make. Ingredients/technique posted when I have time.

SDC16612     SDC16598


More Salad?


Definitely on the menu, we have more salad. We also have more fish.

Pictured is an Asian noodle salad with a roasted duck leg. Check out the wilted pak choi which goes nice on salad. Crisp noodles add texture/crunch to this salad. Five spice cherry sauce with the duck leg. Salad dressings are endless, coconut/lime? Honey Lime Ginger? Tamarind is a great dressing ingredient. Apple and Coriander like each other in a salad. Keep leaves dry if you want the dressing to stick to them.




Meerah Sodha with Heston Blumental

Fennel Ice cream is amazing!

Fennel Ice cream is amazing!

What a combo. Fennel ice cream is a first for me, what an amazing result. Heston’s slightly spiced sponge with toffee apple sauce, this time made properly, another superb result. The two combined absolute joy!

So go Buy Meera Sodha’s book, its seriously good. Then visit Waitrose maybe buy some Heston? I’m not a fan of chains and big business, but sometimes they work. Seriously if you’re using a supermarket Waitrose is the one. I travel to mine, but it is well worth it.

I visit other places when I do. In Exeter, I bumped in to the Wonderful Josie Long and friend (and very funny comedian/performer). Someone remind me of her name. If that wasn’t cool enough, just after, Henning Wehn whizzed past me at Exeter Farmers market, he was schnell schnell uber hurrying.

it tastes as good as it looks

it tastes as good as it looks


Down beneath the swoosh of the turbines, the long grass blows in ripples
There's a beautiful spiral of roads that leads the lost up here
I was watching the birds taking off to swoop down over the city
They find and take just what they need and turn, turn, turn
The movers move, the shakers shake, the winners write their history
But from high on the high hills it all looks like nothing
The movers move, the shakers shake, the winners write their history
But from high on the high hills it all looks like nothing
That afternoon on Hustlergate with all the TVs flickering
While behind the sky was moving liquid crimson gold
Brothers, sisters, pay no heed to the unfaithful messengers
For theirs is a prison world of lies, lies, lies
Where the movers move, the shakers shake, the winners rewrite history
But from high on the high hills it all looks like nothing
The movers move, the shakers shake, the winners write their history
But from high on the high hills it all looks like nothing
The keening wind it blows through me, it blows through me
My time it must be almost done, be almost done
All these things you fear so much depend on angles of vision
From down in the maze of walls you can't see what's coming
But from high on the high hills it all looks like nothing
But from high on the high hills it all looks like nothing, nothing

Meera Sodaha’s Pistachio and Yoghurt Chicken Curry with Aunty Harsha’s Naan. Followed by Pistachio and Saffron Kulfi.


Another superb meal, from the Made in India book, by Meera Sodha. Acompanied by some simple tasty Chutney from Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape India book.

I was astonished how good the Naan’s came out; don’t need to buy those from a take away ever again.

Three take away’s in my town, none of them make anything good compare to this meal.

The meal was finished off with Pistachio and Saffron Kulfi. This is seriously easy to make and tastes divine.

Your taste buds will love you forever if you buy Meera’s book. Gordon Ramsay is the world’s greatest chef and all round good guy. So it goes without saying his food is amazing.SDC16376SDC16375

Tori Kari Age


Some photos from my second recipe that I cooked from Wagama cookbook, amazing cooking results, not amazing photos. My first recipe, I tried, has no photos.

I used Yasai Soba dressing on a noodle salad, amazing results. A piece of wild salmon on the side. Japans all about quality/healthy, so no farmed shit is used. I salted the salmon for 25 minutes before frying, then finishing in a hot oven.

The rice salad had Tori Kara age on the side. This is simple to make and makes KFC taste like cardboard!

I am getting in to Japanese food in a big way. Thank to you know who for getting me in to Japan, thanks also for family, for giving me the Wagamama book.

I used some Jamie Oliver ideas in my Asian noodle salad, crisping up some soba noodles. My second salad had brown rice in the mix. Both salads had chare grilled wilted pak choi on the top. Toasted sesame seeds, mandolin’d peppers, various green leaves.

Looking forward to more from Wagama.

Taste explosion, slightly blurred photo

Taste explosion, slightly blurred photo

Healthy, Tasty, not expensive.

Healthy, Tasty, not expensive.

Turning Japanese


SDC16328 Konichiwa? I am heading towards the salmon recipe, honest. But I have been given the Wagamama book for xmas. So I am deviating towards Japan. The Thai recipe is in the post for sure. I think a recap phone call, with the chefs up North who cooked it for me. Until then It’s turning Japanese. So today I had a pretty good katsu curry  in Wagamama for inspiration. Side of Kimchee was very nice. My only gripe is, the use of  factory farmed chicken, someone tell me I am wrong.

After Royal Williams Yard and Wagamama , it was a trip to the Asian supermarket and Waitrose. Shopping  for some extras. More of these and their use is on the near horizon. Salmon is definitely in the mix, now to find wild salmon. Healthy is the future, I have tasted it!

I had more traditional Mothers Pheasant Casserole tonight, top-notch!!

Katsu Curry Wagamama

Katsu Curry Wagamama