Dandy Warhols Bristol


What a gig!!! I knew it would be good, it was amazing. Maximum respect, to all the Dandy’s crew. Maximum respect to Academy staff, another great gig!!

Dandy’s are so cool, there fantastic catalogue along with a great new album. Seriously go see The Dandy Warhols!!

Great new single, off the superb Album.

Had some nice food at Sticks and Broth A new Ramen Bar in Bristol. A few pints at BrewDog.


spicy miso

Great night out. Hello to all the nice people I met that day, there were many.


Chicken Mole


SDC17408Pipers farm chicken, Mexican black turtle beans, Willie Hardcourt-Couzes 100% Cacao, peanuts,cinnamon stick ,star anise, cumin, Wahaca Chipotle, chicken stock.


On the side Summer Mexican Coleslaw in Corn Tortilla wraps. Salad, (whatever you have). Dressing of  Coriander, mint, lime mayo, garlic granules, cactus syrup(or sweetening of your choice),salt.  Result!!!!!!

 Star of the show!!!


Amazing Rae

Amazing Night!

Amazing Night!

Hometown gig, great night. Thanks massive to my best mates for making the weekend complete. Love to St Anne’s and the tea shop!! Superb Herb (tea) Join you for a Beer next time. Rae Morris is superb live and studio. A genuinely nice person. Looking forward to her next album and gigs. Speaking of which Eliza Shaddad is about to tour, with superb new material.


When Lucy and Rae Duet its the most beautiful thing on earth!!!!

Love Unguarded, seriously one of the best albums ever!!!


Moroccan Pigeon pie


SDC17351  SDC17352

Wow! Another one gone! Happy New Year.

Excessive rain storms on a daily basis, no thanks? Moroccan Pigeon pie yes please.

Most of these pies have a similar format that you can change, to suit what you have available. Good chicken works well instead of Pigeon, Pipers Farm Exeter do the best chicken in the world, French Bresse is a close second, but Waitrose Free range/organic, label rouge ,sheepdrove organic or similar would be acceptable.

Basically its cooked shredded meat and/or vegetables with spices with almonds/raisins or dried apricot. This is bound together with an egg, encased in filo pastry and baked.  If using chicken, left over roast or thigh/ leg would be good. I roasted two pigeons off at 180 degrees for 25/30 mins. I made a good stock with the leftover carcases.

Pigeons are cheap and plentiful, as with all wild foods they are massively healthy. So go seek out a good supplier (that’s not a supermarket).

I used Cumin Cardamom, orange zest (very good with pigeon), garlic ginger turmeric, cinnamon.  Remembering its Moroccan you can easily arrange the spice mix to suit your store cupboard.

Vegetables? I used diced carrot and thinly sliced onion. I used mandolin for the onion garlic ginger and fried these for the base of the pie mix.

Melted butter between each sheet of filo, about 5 on the bottom, add the cooled pie mix. Then 4 or 5 on the top.  Fold them all over, brush beaten egg yolk on the top. Bake In an oven for 35 40 minutes  at 180.  Just watch nothing burns. Dust very lightly with icing sugar, if you like. Serve with some homemade or Ugborough/Ermington Sustainable or Rubies in The Rubble chutney!

*Words of wisdom on cinnamon, home ground sticks are better than most of the pre ground rubbish in the supermarkets.

pipersfarm.com    www.rubiesintherubble.com            www.ermingtonparish.com/sustainable-saturdays      www.facebook.com/UgboroughSustainableSaturdays

Peanut and Vanilla Ice Cream


Gordon Ramsay Just Desserts is the best book ever published. Seriously forget the Bible, I’ve tried the loaves and fish recipe, it didn’t work, don’t get me started on water in to wine.

This time I learnt Pate A Bombe, not difficult, very well explained, amazing result. My Ice cream maker may have taken some of the air out of the mix, but it was still the best Ice cream, I have ever made or had for that matter. The recipe was my own, peanut and vanilla love each other.  Looking forward to using Pate A Bombe to make Parfait and more. You all need to invest in Gordons Just Desserts Book. French classic techniques , most of which are easier than you think. There are no short cuts, once you have learnt some of them, you will be wowing the world with your results. Gordons recipes are Beautiful!

Use only the best ingredients!

Use only the best ingredients!

China Town Kitchen


Lizzie Mabbott is the author of this cool book. I have tried 3 recipes, great results.  Hoi Sin Ginger Pork ribs, I used Waitrose ribs, outdoor free range,good result. Chinese Fried Chicken , I used Tesco free range chicken, acceptable but try and get better.  Cola Chicken Wings, I used Pipers Farm chicken wings, best chicken outside of  France, seriously good. Cola wings were not overpoweringly sweet as I feared, really nice.

Cola Wings, So Good

Cola Wings, So Good

Cheap and Tasty

Cheap and Tasty

amazing flavour, fall off the bone.

amazing flavour, fall off the bone.

It is well worth investing in this book. Great advice modern Asian dishes and classic. Cool pictures, good instructions. Very colourful, very inspiring, great results, GO BUY!

Totnes Devon

best bakes in the world!

best bakes in the world!

Totnes brings out the best in all of us. Lancashire Cheese, Dorset Blue Viney, Dorset Knobs, hemp clothing. Annie’s Fruit and Veg, owls, yes owls. Round the corner it’s the Almond Thief Dartington, for the best bakes in the world, with Monmouth coffee. Great company, great morning.

Love is The message

Final Meal


So the condemed man awaits his fate and has his last meal, before turning 50! Yikes 50! Actualy I am now 50 and it is is not that bad.
So that meal:
Sweetcorn on the cob
Holly Fuck Ribs and greens
Willies 100% Cacao ice cream with a Kent Cherry Ripple
Selection of cheese and oatmeal buscuits. Petit Basque,MonteEnebro,Snorfrisk.
Wille’s Seaflake Venuzuelan Rio Caribe 44 chocolate, Willies chocolate is the perfect end to any meal.

Rib Man Holly Fuck sauce gave these ribs the kick and special flavour the marinade required. Go buy some!

Rib Man Holly Fuck sauce gave these ribs the kick and special flavour the marinade required. Go buy some!

100% Cacao, Muscavado Sugar. Ripple made with Kent Cherries with star anise minimal amount of cream.

100% Cacao, Muscavado Sugar. Ripple made with Kent Cherries with star anise minimal amount of cream.



Speaking of Ice Cream, it’s colder up north. Amazingly some the Ice Cream is also very good. Blackpool has an old school Ice Cream parlour, its won massive accolade and it’s been there since 1929, now that is success, others take note.
If you’re in the posh part of that area St Anne’s go visit the Ice Queen
a mobile ice cream vendor that sells only the best Ice cream from that area, and also makes her own ice lollies that are to die for!
Elbournes Tea Emporium served me the best tea and cake.
St Annes is well worth a visit, more about that in another post, I’m off to work, on my 50th, that’s life!

Simplest Strawberry Mousse


The strawberries were from COOP, their speciality ones, some of the best strawberries I have ever had.
Whipped cream, I used this rather than double, nice and light. Whipped to soft peaks.
Whipped egg whites, this makes things lighter. I use Clarence court eggs, the egg yolk went in to a carbonara at lunch/dinner time.

Strawberry Syrup/jam – strawberries halved caster sugar heated for 20 minutes or until starting to soften. Allow to cool totally. Add some vanilla paste, Sweeten to taste with icing sugar, this will be sweetening the whole mousse, no sugar is added to the other ingredients, so it needs to be sweet.

I use a large metal spoon for folding, I’ve tried other things, there not as good. Mix a spoon of whipped cream in to the syrup/jam to loosen things up a bit. Then fold the syrup/jam in to the cream, don’t go mad, the next ingredient will mix things some more. Then fold the egg whites in to cream and syrup.
Spoon in to nice appropriate glasses to set, in a fridge for about four hours.

Simple but very tasty, summer in a glass, like elderflower cordial.