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The Ledbury London


‘The Ledbury’

It is worth its two stars, for sure. I found faults, it was not easy.

My pheasant stuffed pasta had lots of truffle and mushroom flavour.  The Flame Grilled Mackerel with Smoked Eel, Celtic Mustard and Shiso was amazing.

The venison dish was the star of the show. Living on the edge of two moors, I am no stranger to venison. This was exceptional.

My native lobster with broccoli stem, natural yoghurt
and Indian spices in brown butter was very good. It was not the best lobster I have ever had though. As I have been living by the sea I am probably spoilt. In case you’re wondering, Scotland has the best lobster, then Dorset Blue lobster come a close second. Yes I am spoilt.

Desert was as expected heavenly. My soufflé was perfect. The ice cream in the middle looked good, but melted quickly, it would have been better on the side.

 Caramelised Banana Galette with Salted Caramel, Passion Fruit and Peanut Oil Parfait, was superb.

Service was very good. Was it the best meal I have ever had, no, that Award goes to Gordon Ramsay and the first meal we had in ‘Maze’.  That said ‘The Ledbury’ is well worth a visit.ImageImage

‘River Cottage Canteen Plymouth’

I’m the good looking one. As per usual I have the world on my shoulders.

A few months ago, my girlfriend and I made it to ‘River Cottage’ at Royal Yard Plymouth. We had a great time. Plymouth has some   interesting places. The high street is not one of them. ‘Royal Yard’ has some really cool buildings. Great for the after dinner walk. I have been back again more than once.

Plymouth has lots of history. Check out the museum, it’s free. Plymouth Gin anyone?

Hugh’s new place is well situated overlooking the water. It has a great Deli, the produce is very well chosen.  Fantastic local cheeses and Charcuterie. The lady in charge of the deli was Very helpful and knowledgeable. The Charcuterie is stunning Some of the best I have ever had. Also on sale are Toms Pies. These are real pies that are well worth buying.

My Pork chop was very good and my girlfriend’s braised lamb was also superb. The Chocolate brownie got me on both visits. This is the brownie came top on the ‘F.Word’.

On my return visit, I had the best piece of Pollock I have ever had. This was served on top of celeriac chowder. This was really tasty.

I defiantly recommend a trip to ‘River Cottage Canteen Plymouth’.

A real pork chop rare breed and crackling

Tasty hearty ‘Braised Lamb with beans



Shellfish for free


Welcome to the future.  I hope you like food and life as much as me.

This weekend saw some cockles and mussels, put to good use. They were handpicked from my secret spot.  

It was a beautiful day for a cycle ride to the sea. So off I went 3o miles later, I am home with my bounty.

 The Moules marinières were far too salty, I know not why. I added no salt. Anyone who can shed light on this, please do. My Mussel Pilau was a huge success. My Spanish cockle soup was also good. So that’s seven meals in total with free shellfish.

Mussels keep for some time out of the water. Some need purging, some don’t.  I scrape the barnacles off the wild ones. The farmed ones go through a U.V. light so I guess there pretty safe. I scrub the mussels and cockles thoroughly.

Cockles are more temperamental. They need purging for sure, not just over night. They are full of sand/mud. Two nights and two days should do it. Cockles love oxygen. So change the water every eight hours, more if you have time. The water from a fast tap makes lots of oxygen. You can speed up the purging process with a scant sprinkle of polenta or (real) oatmeal.

Beaches are great places to find free food. Avoid still water and heavily populated areas. Use common sense. If you don’t see mussels, look for other things. Remember how healthy and tasty this can be. Use a good guide. ‘River Cottage Edible Seashore’ is good. You may find it or something similar in your library. The internet is full of pictures and help.

Some things taste awful; don’t let this put you off. Alexander stems, spring to mind.