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Italian Pheasant Stew

Real Polenta

I am still eating Pheasant, Two left in the freezer. One of them went in tonight’s stew. The recipe is from the ‘Jamie’s Italian book’. It tastes yummy. The dish contains Chestnuts, red wine and more. We have really good Marino Polenta,to serve with it. This tastes of corn, taking 90 minutes to cook. Many other brands are bland in comparison.

The Pheasants in our area know that they are not being shot at anymore. They are bold as brass with their vocals. Am I allowed out of season neck braking? I wonder?

Jamie Oliver does a rabbit dish cooked in a similar style to the pheasant dish. This is in the ‘Jamie’s Kitchen book’.  The dish is called ‘Ligurian Braised Rabbit’


Spring is sprung


      Spring is here. The end of the Mussel season, for wild foraged Mussels, draws ever nearer. Farmed mussels will be around all year. I will be turning my attention to other things. The cockles and mussels I had last week were very nice.

Mussels Cooked in good cider and bacon, very simple, very nice. Thatcher’s Katy cider was this time. Cider made with the Katy Apple only.

I  also cooked a Mussel Pilau, Gordon Ramsay’s recipe, as expected excellent results.  ‘Great Escape’ (India) is the book, it’s well worth buying. On a spice note, there are excellent dishes in the latest Jamie magazine. In fact the magazine has lots of god stuff in it. It’s also worth buying.

Come on Ma eat your greens!


The final stirWild and Wonderful

One more stir!                                                 Come on Ma eat your greens!

Spring is in the air, a few wild greens making a welcome sight. A nice risotto of spring leaves and goat’s cheese was made. My camera is crap, the risotto was nice.

Ingredients were Waitrose Risotto Rice, Vermouth, homemade vegetable stock, Pennywort, goose grass and wild garlic. This was finished with goat’s cheese, butter, Rosemary flowers, Maldon sea salt and pepper.

Cooks tips:

Do use Noilly Prat, not the cheap supermarket vermouth. I regret not paying the extra.

Follow Jamie Oliver’s Risotto basics. He is the Risotto King.

Make your own stock, if you know what it is for you can adapt it a little.

Try a small adding amount of star anise to a stock for prawn or Morecombe Bay potted shrimp and pea risotto. Classic Vegetable Nage has Star Anise. Gordon Ramsay is the man for that recipe.

I have in the past added some Borage to a stock destined for a summer vegetable risotto.

Britain Is Great Britain Is Great Britain Is Great


Yes,Britain is Great, let us not forget it. Great Food, Great Art, Great Music, Great Landscape, Great People. Is there anywhere more cosmopolitan than London? London is the coolest city!


Just look what Britain is responsible for:

Clare Smyth Grayson Perry, William Turner,Gordon Ramsay, Ian McKellen,Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Sir Ben Kingsley, Stephen Fry, Zadie Smith Iron Maiden,, Gurinder Chadha ,P J Harvey, Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Edmund Hillary, Dame Julie Andrews ,The Beatles,Blur,DameJudy Dench Oasis, Anjum Anand, Dizzee Rascal, Jamie Oliver,Heston Blumental, George Michael, Edinburgh Castle,Black Pudding, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall,Mark Elton John,Hix.Sir Isac Newton, Stonehenge,Norbert “Nobby” Peter Stiles MBE (the greatest footballer ever),Hawkwind, Monty Python,Emeli Sandi,John Lydon,The Queen,The Big Issue, Michael Evis, The Palace of Westminster

Virginia Woolf, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Zephaniah  Sir Winston Churchill,Lock Ness, Anish Kapoor, Ernest Shackleton, Glastonbury Festival,Florence Nightingale, J.R.R. Tolkien , Borough Market,

Boy George, Sir Frank Whittle, John Logie Baird, Sir Alexander Graham Bell,The Stones, The Specials, most of AC/DC (yes really).Salman Rushdie, St Paul’s CathedralVanessa-Mae,Haggis,Black Pudding, Chris Eubank, Blackpool Tower.


Cereal Killer


Try Mackerel fillets coated and fried in this.

Cereal Killer

I have seen quite a few today as I stocked the shelves of the cereal aisle. Cinnamon Golden Nuggets, Strawberry Shredded Flakes, Flaked Corns, Kevin Whisps, Ozric Tentacles,CrackoBix.

I bet there was a time when only four cereals existed. My job would have been easier. I dare say we would be a healthier nation. The queue for the dentist would be shorter.

 However there are alternatives, Top of the list is:

‘Oatmeal of Alford’

100% home-grown Scottish oats.

 Their organic stone-ground oats are far removed from your typical packet of instant porridge. Entirely run on water, it’s the only existing mill of its kind in Scotland and has been operating for 180 years. There isn’t a single piece of modern technology in sight. The only noise is the soothing sound of the water-driven machinery working steadily away. The oats are even dried by coal-fired kilns and stirred by hand so they dry evenly.

It has been championed by legend Mark Hix and others. I was pleased to see it on ‘Masterchef’ a few weeks back. It was Wisely chosen by Tom Kitchen.

You can buy from Waitrose amongst other stores. Or you could buy on line


Next up its

Pertwood Organics

Their home grown and wheat-free cereals are in a wide range of stores, ranging from the leading supermarkets (Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda – who stock our Mueslis) through to a large number of independent farm shops, delis and fine food stores, many of which have the full range of our cereals. For further information

Incidentally Dorset Muesli, is not grown in Dorset, it comes from various countries. Pertwood grow their own cereal, on their farm, in a beautiful piece of Wiltshire.

Please put your favorite cereal below. Maybe accompanied by, what makes it so good.