Britain Is Great Britain Is Great Britain Is Great


Yes,Britain is Great, let us not forget it. Great Food, Great Art, Great Music, Great Landscape, Great People. Is there anywhere more cosmopolitan than London? London is the coolest city!


Just look what Britain is responsible for:

Clare Smyth Grayson Perry, William Turner,Gordon Ramsay, Ian McKellen,Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Sir Ben Kingsley, Stephen Fry, Zadie Smith Iron Maiden,, Gurinder Chadha ,P J Harvey, Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Edmund Hillary, Dame Julie Andrews ,The Beatles,Blur,DameJudy Dench Oasis, Anjum Anand, Dizzee Rascal, Jamie Oliver,Heston Blumental, George Michael, Edinburgh Castle,Black Pudding, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall,Mark Elton John,Hix.Sir Isac Newton, Stonehenge,Norbert “Nobby” Peter Stiles MBE (the greatest footballer ever),Hawkwind, Monty Python,Emeli Sandi,John Lydon,The Queen,The Big Issue, Michael Evis, The Palace of Westminster

Virginia Woolf, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Zephaniah  Sir Winston Churchill,Lock Ness, Anish Kapoor, Ernest Shackleton, Glastonbury Festival,Florence Nightingale, J.R.R. Tolkien , Borough Market,

Boy George, Sir Frank Whittle, John Logie Baird, Sir Alexander Graham Bell,The Stones, The Specials, most of AC/DC (yes really).Salman Rushdie, St Paul’s CathedralVanessa-Mae,Haggis,Black Pudding, Chris Eubank, Blackpool Tower.



About doesthebellyrulethemind

Stewart Lee,Food (teach my taste buds), Hugh Fearnley,Gordon Ramsay, Clare Smyth,my mother,Ken Hom ,Street Feast, Pitt Cue, Rockfish,Deliah Smith (pre cheating), Bread Street Kitchen, Borough Market, Jamie Oliver, Pipers Farm, my x girlfriend for teaching me,Waitrose. Foraging (wild is wonderful) Fun (life should be) Music (you name it) Cinema (so many) Amnesty International and all Human Rights people!!

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