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Bombay Bicycle Club Plymouth and Hengistbury Head


What an amazing Gig! Superb lighting, great sound, very tight, very talented.

Brilliant support from Rae Morris and  ‘Lianne La Havas’

B.B.C  had no problems chatting with fans after.  I managed to erm push in and say hello. I wanted to say I had seen them play before, on a beach. There was a queue for autographs and picture taking. I left that to the others. Jack commented that Hengistbury Head Beach was a funny gig.  

Hengistbury is steeped in musical Legend; connections to Blur are well documented. “It was ten o’clock in Bournemouth, Saturday night: silent and still with a faint hint of chilliness under the stars at Hengistbury Head, where my parents live.”  This was taken from Alex James Slow Life.

So watch out ED. It could be a   stint at the Glitzy erm high life followed by a desire to make your own cheese. Not to mention making some superb music and putting on a great festival. We love Alex James, Blur and Blue Monday Cheese.

B.B.C. are genuinely nice people, that’s for sure. The beach gig was a free one. The local paper had a plug for it. My housemate from the room next door told me more, as it was his mate Si’s hut (his parents). James if you’re out there say Hi.  ‘Always like that’ had 100 people as a bass. Sorry the photos are poor quality. I never got to try the paella. I had to escort the other housemate home as he was from the Philippines and did not know the area.  We were both on bicycles, he would have got lost for sure, he might as well of been in Bombay, Phillipeans to the South U.K. a bit different.

Here is the local paper link

Hurrah! I have found youtube footage of the head gig

So back to Plymouth, All numbers were standout. The lighting, captured the moods perfectly. The venue was packed. The crowd went mental from start to finish. It’s been ages since I saw that happen. B.B.C comented on Plymouth being the best crowd. This is possibly because not many bands come to Plymouth. They are looking forward to returning. Evening Morning blew me away!

Thanks again to Bombay Bicycle Club and support.

If you only get to two gigs this year, make sure there both Bombay Bicycle Club.




        Yey! Lobster in the fishmongers. Über fresh. It’s been a while. It has to be said, nice though this was, Scottish is the best, Dorset Blue comes Second. It was better than my ‘Ledbury’ Lobster. For the price, give me a crab!

After a quick, but sure head stab, straight in to the poaching liquor it went. Not too long, ten mins.  was perfect for this small one.

 For the poaching Liquor, I used Carrot, Shallot, celery, half a star anise and a dash of white wine. Some was tasted on its own. I could not resist.

 The rest was served with pasta a small amount of wild garlic and olive oil.

The shell and fiddly bits were used to make a stock. This is superb for a risotto. Reduced to make a sauce for fish, your taste buds will love you forever. Don’t use cream, butter, salt, pepper, tarragon are all good.

If you’re eating in Britain, its British Lobster only, no canadian imports. Proper size! V tailing observed!

(Conservation-conscious lobstermen mark reproducing females using a technique known as “V-notching” to identify these lobsters for release if re caught at a later time. Lobstermen practicing this technique cut a V-shaped slice from the lobster’s tail flipper to identify the lobster as a breeding female)

‘Wild Watercress Soup, with Bacon, Rosemary Soda Croutons and Garlic Flowers.’


     After receiving a nice hit of Watercress from mother’s secret source, this was the obvious route to go down.  I tried to locate the watercress source, but to no avail. I did find fresh young fennel and sea beet. Both of these are excellent at the moment.

Keep the basic soup simple, no need for anything other than chopped onion, potato, salt and pepper. The finishing touches give it the edge.  

If you’re using farmed Watercress, use British, the other ones don’t have as much taste. Try John Hurd’s watercress, it’s one of the best. It is available Mail order, in Waitrose and other good food shops. to see more.

Use good bacon, like the one from my local butcher.  Waitrose have some good bacon, also try farmers markets. If you’re in London Ginger Pig and Sillfield are very good. The best bacon I have ever had was from  I found them at Totness farmers market in Devon.

Please feel free to leave other good ingredient sources, on the comments board.

Bavarois and Ballyhoo


Well ,  I thought it was time I made a desert again. French/German classic, Bavarois. It is easier to make,than you might think.  whipped cream, custard with a setting agent (gelatine)  and whipped egg  whites. I flavoured the cream with a lemongrass and lime leaf infusion. Hot cream left with chopped lemongrass and lime leaves for 90 minutes.

Make sure the custard is room temperature /18 degrees before the cream is added to it. My custard and cream did not mix as well as I wanted, however the egg whites add some more air/lightness to the whole thing. original Bavarois, did not have egg whites. The mixture is left to set in molds, brush them with oil to help them turn out (almond/lemon, or whatever works with your Bavarois).  Placing the mold for three seconds, in  a bowl of boiling water, then tap-tap out comes the Bavarois. If not try again with another three seconds.

For a really good Bavarois recipe or two and exactly how to make them try Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Just Desserts’ book. This is one of the best dessert book available. Showing classic skills, amazing photos and recipes. I have cooked several things from this book, all amazing. I somehow lost the book, I must buy it again.  The bavarois I made from this book, was a caramalised banana bavarois.     I hope this inspires someone.

Sea Beet,Watercress, Pollock. Where is my Crabpot?


So, my trapping crabs, has come to an abrupt halt. I have become used to crime free Bavaria. I forget that there are criminals in the U.K.

Some thieving bastard, made off with my pot! No it was not washed away. It was tied and rocked at both ends. The rock that I had tied it to had moved 2 meters. Bahhhhh!

When I set the trap, all was good. It was cold, windy and wet. This means less people. When I returned, there was no trap and lots of people.

I did visit a farm shop on route, nicely hidden.  I have tried the black pudding, very nice. That said the best black pudding comes from, Bury or Bolton. The lamb in the surrounding fields looked nice. Alas vac packing will not do it justice. I already have a shoulder of lamb in the fridge; it has already been well hung. That is for Easter Sunday.

We picked some Sea Beet and Watercress, both very nice. Tonight’s dinner was: fresh Pollock finished with parsley and lemon butter. This was accompanied by potato, pea, sea beet and  wild watercress. Quality ingredients. The fish was from a fishmonger and a day boat. Day boat fish is the best, unless you catch it your self. More of that in another post.