Bavarois and Ballyhoo


Well ,  I thought it was time I made a desert again. French/German classic, Bavarois. It is easier to make,than you might think.  whipped cream, custard with a setting agent (gelatine)  and whipped egg  whites. I flavoured the cream with a lemongrass and lime leaf infusion. Hot cream left with chopped lemongrass and lime leaves for 90 minutes.

Make sure the custard is room temperature /18 degrees before the cream is added to it. My custard and cream did not mix as well as I wanted, however the egg whites add some more air/lightness to the whole thing. original Bavarois, did not have egg whites. The mixture is left to set in molds, brush them with oil to help them turn out (almond/lemon, or whatever works with your Bavarois).  Placing the mold for three seconds, in  a bowl of boiling water, then tap-tap out comes the Bavarois. If not try again with another three seconds.

For a really good Bavarois recipe or two and exactly how to make them try Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Just Desserts’ book. This is one of the best dessert book available. Showing classic skills, amazing photos and recipes. I have cooked several things from this book, all amazing. I somehow lost the book, I must buy it again.  The bavarois I made from this book, was a caramalised banana bavarois.     I hope this inspires someone.


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    • Nice to here fom you again.
      Good point. For the custard:
      150 mls cream 150 mls milk(This isinfused for 90 mins. with one chopped lemongrass, 2 lime leaves,one vanila pod). Sugar 50g.3 free range egg yolks.
      2 sheets of Costa leaf gelatine.
      150 mls Whipped cream,
      2 egg whites whipped to soft peaks with 25g icing sugar,

      Cook’s notes: use Clarence Court eggs if possible. I had to use our local free range, good but nowhere near Clarence Court. If you can’t get free range eggs (goodness knows why this would be), try another recipe. Folding skills are available all over the net, I have a folding spatula, its a superb piece of kit, that cost me a fiver from T.K. Max
      These eggs will make a massive difference to your cooking.

  1. I used moulds that were to thick. Turning out should involve 3 seconds in boiling water. Mine was more like 8. Outside of Bavoir suffers as a result. Also using oil, I have since brushed veg oil on the inside of the moulds, no after taste. I need to look at other alternatives that suit the flavour of Bavoir. Also use of fruit gelatine for glaze effect? Any help welcome.

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