Yey! Lobster in the fishmongers. Über fresh. It’s been a while. It has to be said, nice though this was, Scottish is the best, Dorset Blue comes Second. It was better than my ‘Ledbury’ Lobster. For the price, give me a crab!

After a quick, but sure head stab, straight in to the poaching liquor it went. Not too long, ten mins.  was perfect for this small one.

 For the poaching Liquor, I used Carrot, Shallot, celery, half a star anise and a dash of white wine. Some was tasted on its own. I could not resist.

 The rest was served with pasta a small amount of wild garlic and olive oil.

The shell and fiddly bits were used to make a stock. This is superb for a risotto. Reduced to make a sauce for fish, your taste buds will love you forever. Don’t use cream, butter, salt, pepper, tarragon are all good.

If you’re eating in Britain, its British Lobster only, no canadian imports. Proper size! V tailing observed!

(Conservation-conscious lobstermen mark reproducing females using a technique known as “V-notching” to identify these lobsters for release if re caught at a later time. Lobstermen practicing this technique cut a V-shaped slice from the lobster’s tail flipper to identify the lobster as a breeding female)



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