Bombay Bicycle Club Plymouth and Hengistbury Head


What an amazing Gig! Superb lighting, great sound, very tight, very talented.

Brilliant support from Rae Morris and  ‘Lianne La Havas’

B.B.C  had no problems chatting with fans after.  I managed to erm push in and say hello. I wanted to say I had seen them play before, on a beach. There was a queue for autographs and picture taking. I left that to the others. Jack commented that Hengistbury Head Beach was a funny gig.  

Hengistbury is steeped in musical Legend; connections to Blur are well documented. “It was ten o’clock in Bournemouth, Saturday night: silent and still with a faint hint of chilliness under the stars at Hengistbury Head, where my parents live.”  This was taken from Alex James Slow Life.

So watch out ED. It could be a   stint at the Glitzy erm high life followed by a desire to make your own cheese. Not to mention making some superb music and putting on a great festival. We love Alex James, Blur and Blue Monday Cheese.

B.B.C. are genuinely nice people, that’s for sure. The beach gig was a free one. The local paper had a plug for it. My housemate from the room next door told me more, as it was his mate Si’s hut (his parents). James if you’re out there say Hi.  ‘Always like that’ had 100 people as a bass. Sorry the photos are poor quality. I never got to try the paella. I had to escort the other housemate home as he was from the Philippines and did not know the area.  We were both on bicycles, he would have got lost for sure, he might as well of been in Bombay, Phillipeans to the South U.K. a bit different.

Here is the local paper link

Hurrah! I have found youtube footage of the head gig

So back to Plymouth, All numbers were standout. The lighting, captured the moods perfectly. The venue was packed. The crowd went mental from start to finish. It’s been ages since I saw that happen. B.B.C comented on Plymouth being the best crowd. This is possibly because not many bands come to Plymouth. They are looking forward to returning. Evening Morning blew me away!

Thanks again to Bombay Bicycle Club and support.

If you only get to two gigs this year, make sure there both Bombay Bicycle Club.



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