A taste of the finer things in life.


So here is some of my lobster stock being put to good use. A simple reduction with butter. But what a result.  The next hit of lobster butter reduction (not pictured) had tarragon with it, also nice

On the side is sea beet and pea. Sea beet is worth finding if you live near the sea. It Wilts down when cooked and then freezes very well. I recommend having cooked see beet in the freezer. Go on get out there, pick loads!

The fish is Ling, cheap as chips. Better still use Pollock, both are good, I think Pollock is the best. Make sure its Fresh Pollock. I find Pollock freezes better than ling, it could be me. I often by one side of a fish cut in to steaks; I freeze the ones I do not use.

Day boat fish means fresh and ethical. You and the environment are the winners. Asda were selling fish as day fresh, this is not the same. It came off a boat that day, unfortunately that boat had been at sea for, well who knows? Possibly months, another supermarket con. Day boat goes out in the morning and returns that day.

The difference in quality is a big one. A  supermarket Turbot can be beaten by an uber fresh day boat Pollock. Waitrose is your best bet if you need to buy fish from a supermarket.

Finished with another Crème bavaroise or simply Bavarois. Using Clarence Court rare breed eggs. Again a big difference from the free range modern breed eggs. Again you are the winner, and of course the Hen. Old breeds were not bred for profit, quality came first.  I think also the old school hen lays eggs at a more natural rate. Modern breeds lay at an unnatural rate, not cool if you’re a hen. I used Heston’s Vanilla salt with the whisked egg whites. This made another big difference.

My next one, I make tonight has Chi flavour in it. A mix of cardamom cinnamon and vanilla. Make sure you use the real deal if you try this. No essences or powders! Results in a future blog.


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  1. That looks bloody good! We have a fish monger near us; I will visit him for my next catch. Supermarket fish, at late, has been a letdown. A bavoir recipe would be nice. Are they easy to make?

  2. Three things make a modern Bavarois. Whipped cream, custard, and whipped egg whites. If you can do those three things, you can make a bavoir. The chi flavour I used last night worked well. The cream/milk mix needs flavouring before making the custard. Gelatine is added to the custard. It should be 18 degrees before it’s added to the cream. I over whipped my cream. Not too much of a problem .It is a forgiving dish. The egg whites give it even more of a light texture.
    Again Gordon Ramsay’s Just Desserts book is superb for this and all classic standards used in Desserts.
    Learn the classic standards, I am still learning them. But that is the best idea.
    Good Luck.

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