Let them eat cake!


Let them eat cake!

Famously not said by Marie Antoinette. Alas like Alfred, I am not the King of cakes. I love to eat them, but lack of cake baking experience is my downfall. I hope to remedy this in the future. I think my next attempt will follow a recipe to the letter.

Shit: that has not stopped Hummingbird making a fortune. Seriously my cakes are not as naff as their over sugared pap. Thinking of suing me for that last remark, take me for every penny all 67 of them.

That said I am using Willies 100% cacao, I want to use it again. It is a superb ingredient, hey it’s made in Devon, so it going to be amazing. Anyone has any tips on using 100% cacao in cake let me know. I made his gooey pudding a while back, heaven! Check out his sorbet made with Dartmoor spring water and Madagascan Sambirano Superior 71% chocolate. We had Wild watercress tonight which relies on that same water, amazing. His chocolate is made from the best beans, seriously good stuff.

I hope to buy some Duffys Chocolate in London; perhaps I might mail order some before then. For the other world leaders in chocolate visit:


For the world beating Duffys chocolate:


For Willie HarcourtCooze100% real deal cacao and other products of extreme quality


Also worth a look:  www.rococochocolates.com          www.williamcurley.co.uk


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  1. My favourite cocoa powder has always been Valrhona – yes it’s not local, but I have yet to come across a cocoa powder with a more intense chocolate flavour.

    As for using cocoa poweder in baking, I now avoid recipes for chocolate cakes and just rely on the recipes for unflavoured biscuit, victoria sponge etc and simply replace 1/4 of the amount of flour in the recipe with cocoa powder. While cocoa powder obviously does not have the same qualities as flour so far I have not had any issues and have had very strongly chocolate-flavoured cakes every time.

    All the best


  2. I used Valrhona (block of) in a chestnut chocolate torte, good results. Valhona is amazing, they have also stood the test of time. Also Favoured by Gordon Ramsay. My next investment I think is some Valhona cocoa powder, thanks for the advice, will view your site more.

    • Thanks! I agree Valrhona is pricey (I think it is about GBP 8 for 250grams) – when I lived in Brussels I had a 10% discount card for the Valrhona store – I wish something similar existed in London!

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