The best pork scratchings

Seriously, with Mr. Trotters, there is no room for crisps. Forget the ones from the butchers; these are in another league entirely. I wish I had bought a few more packs. My next trip to Waitrose will see that I do. The best Pork Scratchings, the best snack of its kind. Serious porky bacon flavour hit.

Go seek them out

P.S. Tom Parker Bowles is taking the picture of Mathew and myself. With legends like that involved you have to seek this tasty treat out.


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Stewart Lee,Food (teach my taste buds), Hugh Fearnley,Gordon Ramsay, Clare Smyth,my mother,Ken Hom ,Street Feast, Pitt Cue, Rockfish,Deliah Smith (pre cheating), Bread Street Kitchen, Borough Market, Jamie Oliver, Pipers Farm, my x girlfriend for teaching me,Waitrose. Foraging (wild is wonderful) Fun (life should be) Music (you name it) Cinema (so many) Amnesty International and all Human Rights people!!

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