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More Amazing Produce


Devon is the best place. Samphire is my favourite vegetable, our local samphire knocks the supermarket samphire for six. I also had the best lamb ever today, local Devon Farms via a Kingsbridge based butcher called Lidstone ‘s .Yesterday saw me visiting River Cottage Canteen/Deli at Plymouth. Good but not as good as previous visits.  Afterwards ,  I went next door for some bread. Its called ‘The Bakery’ The best bread outside of Bavaria. I had, date and walnut rye bread. They have some other good produce on offer. River cottage pulls me in for food. But next door is now also going to get some of my custom . Seriously that bread was stunning! Texture and taste, absolutely fantastic.

Samphire, local UK Samphire has more flavour than supermarket imports.




£6 for 6 superb quality and value.

The best Mangoes are from India, Alphonso perhaps. There are some other types in India. Alphonso is hard to beat though. Pakistani Mangos come a close second, usually being larger, often slightly better value for money.

Choosing Mangoes look out for firm yet giving. Avoid heavily wrinkled or heavily blemished mangos. Especially if you’re buying a box that won’t be used immediately. Some people will tell you the wrinkled ones are best, occasionally this is true, one will be supper ripe. More often than not it isn’t. And you will have fermented fruit. There are often some blemishes on a mango don’t be too concerned or you will never buy any. See attached Photo This box was excellent, it lasted over a week.

If you are in Brick lane, you can get a box for £6, superb value . ‘Zaman Brothers’, gave me the excellent box in the photo. Leave the large place over the road alone. Or maybe try both and let us all know if things have changed.

I strongly urge you to make Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Mango Porridge’ the nicest breakfast; it is in his ‘Great Escape India’ book, along with many other superb recipes and Indian facts.  Try a Mango Lassi; mango, ice, skimmed milk, yogurt. Blitzed in a smoothie maker, liquidiser or with a puree stick.


Varieties Grown

Andhra   Pradesh Allumpur   Baneshan, Banganapalli, Bangalora, Cherukurasam.
Bihar Bathua,   Bombai, Himsagar, Kishen Bhog, Sukul.
Goa Fernandin,   Mankurad.
Gujarat Alphonso,   Kesar, Rajapuri, Vanraj.
Haryana Dashehari,   Langra, Sarauli (Bombay Green).
Karnataka Alphonso,   Bangalora, Mulgoa, Neelum, Pairi.
Kerala Mundappa,   Olour, Pairi.
Madhya   Pradesh Mostly   seedling types and Alphonso, Bombai, Langra.
Maharashtra Alphonso,   Mankurad, Mulgoa, Pairi.
Orissa Mostly   seedling types and Baneshan, Langra, Neelum, Suvarnarekha.
Punjab Dashehari,   Langra, Sambar behest Chausa.
Tamil   Nadu Banganapalli,   Bangalora, Neelum, Rumani, Mulgoa.
West   Bengal Bombai,   Himsagar, Kishen Bhog, Langra.
Uttar   Pradesh Bombay   Green, Dashehari, Fajri, Langra, Safeda, Lucknow, Samarbehisht Chausa.


Zaman Bros

17-19 Brick Lane, Shadwell, London E1 6PU

020 7247 1009 ()‎

Mangoes Looking Good