Monthly Archives: September 2012



Who needs the supermarket?

After Work, gardening with unedible plants, its nice to be around edible plants and fruit.

We have Chilli plants, a new venture for me. We have results, more to follow.

Apples, still diseased, but we have fruit, perfectly good to eat.

Herbs have no such problems. Must oil ,some  up for Winter. Any other ideas on preserving herbs are welcome.

Blackberries made nice pies crumbles and squash/syrup.

Landing a leg of Venison, last week ,I hope to add Bramble Gravy. Any ideas on that one would be welcome.

My Saturday weekend work has finished, so Mushrooms are I hope round the corner.

Planing a holiday, London, Cornwall, Devon, Bavaria. Art and Food with amazing scenery. Not to mention the good company and real bread. Bavaria has the best bread in the world. More to follow.