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Up The Sustainable!


My favourite market at the moment is in Devon. It takes place every two weeks in a small village called Ermington. Some amazing produce, vegetables meat, bread, pies, cakes, and more. Tea and Coffee is available to have alongside the irresistible Gooey Brownie. Sometimes Gooey brownies are at another market nearby. Not to worry as there are cream and jam scones as well as other sweet and savoury treats.

While this is not as big as ‘Borough London’ or ‘Totness Devon’, it delivers! The meat is superb from Westpeet  farm, some of the best hogget I have had since legend ‘Farmer Sharpe’ was at ‘Borough Market’ The bacon is also amazing, no fancy cure, just the pig talking. No offence to the other bacon seller at Ermington but Westpeet farm is the best! Rare breed outdoor animals cost three times as much to rear; yes they do taste three times better!  Pork sausages and tenderloin also grace the stall, various Lamb/Hogget cuts and mince/burgers are also there. They are all stunningly good!

The vegetables are organic, seasonal I strongly advise you try the perennial Welsh leeks. Rainbow Chard, Spinach,

The Homemade bread, almost as good as Bavarian bread, that is very good. ‘Gooey Brownies’ contain Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s Cacao, along with other top ingredients. Alongside Hugh Fernley’s Brownie, that beat Gordon Ramsay’s brownie on the F.Word, they are the best!

Crooked Spire church Ermington