Insect Hotel, Isar

Insect Hotel, Isar

Lots of types of bread in Munich Hofpfisterei's bread is very good.

Lots of types of bread in Munich Hofpfisterei’s bread is very good.

Japan in Munich

Japan in Munich

Simple, fantastic quality, duck with Kartoffelknoedel and red cabbage.

Simple, fantastic quality, duck with Kartoffelknoedel and red cabbage.

Kohlrabi, Older U.K. people  know it also as a German Turnip.

Kohlrabi, Older U.K. people know it also as a German Turnip.

Bavaria , Rainbow Chard.

Bavaria , Rainbow Chard.

A beautiful place, possibly avoid the tourist food. Eat some real Bavarian quality. The best Bread, in the world, a long history of quality bread. Some wonderful cakes. The often overlooked are the vegetables. They are what perhaps, what I love most. Avoid the supermarkets. The markets have fresh and seasonal veg. at a very good price. Notice the tops are still on the veg. This shows how fresh the vegetables are. In the U.K. notice they are not, left on vegetables. I sometimes make vegetable top soup or hash.
For the best Bratwurst, at a bargain price of 2:65 euros, follow the locals to Schlemmermeyer, Viktualienmarkt. This market has some great things. It also has some tourist traps, so beware. Some of the other local markets are fantastic value and quality.
We also enjoy the odd Bento Box at
Sasou 28 Marienplatz, Munich, Bavaria, Germany .
Probably not as authentic as Japan, but still very nice. The staff are always wonderful.
Pretzel is a must, there are many good ones, none are expensive. The huge ones along with 1 metre Bratwurst are for tourist’s. Also remember where you are, not by the sea so leave the stickfish (mackerel) with the pikeys selling them.
Other local fish from the river are very good, try Fraunhofer reviewed in a previous post.
The Bavarian state library, often has free displays. Some of the main art galleries are only one Euro on a Sunday.
Oktoberfest is well documented elsewhere, watch Australians taste real beer with hilarious consequences. is a great place to visit, twice a year art, food, music, theatre and stalls.
The English Garden is a very nice walk, keep an eye open for some nice horses in that area.
For Architecture, try the Schwabing area, Art Deco/Jugendstil (Youth Style), some hidden gems around this area. Elizabeth Market is also worth a visit, try the italian cafe for some food.
Hofpfisterei’s Bread is a real Winner. People who like their bread free of additives try to buy at one of Germany’s many organic bakeries. They offer relatively small-scale production based on traditional recipes. Real bread!
A walk along the Isar is always nice. It has recently been modified, River Surfing has suffered as a result. However the local council has done a great job. Try Fraunhofer bridge one summer evening after a meal in Fraunhofer.
The oldest Deli in Munich is Its worth a visit. Father down the street is another store also worth a visit called Manufactum.
A brief outline, much more to follow. My love is in Munich.


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