Down by The River


Hoping for permision to put 2 crayfish traps down

Hoping for permision to put 2 crayfish traps down

 Hoping for crayfish

Hoping for crayfish

Fish carving

Fish carving

Our local river has a 3 mile stretch running through woodland owned by the local council. It’s a nice walk. I recently spotted juvenile fish. Perhaps some crayfish? I wrote to the council asking for permit ion to put down two traps. This will be aired at the next council meeting, fingers crossed.
Then it’s up to the River Authority / environment-agency to give me a licence. Thankfully this is free. They also give me numbered tags for my traps. The trapping of crayfish is vetted thoroughly for good reason. Spread of crayfish plague, unethical traps being two of them. Some traps are not so good and end up killing endangered species. Crayfish plague kills our rare native crayfish.
Signal crayfish are a pest and problem to our rivers. Our smaller indigenous native crayfish are being destroyed along with fish eggs by these larger crayfish. So I hope I can play my part in helping our local environment. There is also a tasty meal to be had at the end of all this.
A fantastic German chef called Alfons Schuhbeck , does an excellent crayfish in their own stock recipe, I am really keen to make this. It is a Bavarian recipe, so it will be good. Alfons is underrated; people who like good food should check him out.
As with all rivers there is litter, the council does its best. But we should all do are bit. If every walker and dog walker picked up a piece of litter there would not be any. Litter louts are a minority, good people are the majority. So pick up a piece of litter next time you walk.
Lastly the fish carving is outside the local fishmongers, rightly voted the best fishmonger by Devon Life. Good knowledge and day boat fresh fish, local shellfish. ‘Ivybridge fishmongers’ is well worth a visit.


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