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Jamie's egg poaching method.

Jamie’s egg poaching method.

Yes I know it's a Rainbow.

Yes I know it’s a Rainbow.

You’re lucky there is any left

You’re lucky there is any left

Adding green for 'Eggs Florentine'

Adding green for ‘Eggs Florentine’

The Best Eggs, rare breed, slow laying free ange

The Best Eggs, rare breed, slow laying free ange

Forgetting yet again to photograph the amazing trout and spring early summer vegetables I have just devoured. Here are some pictures of other things.
Poached eggs are being made well at late, using Jamie Oliver’s Clingfilm method; this allows me to add flavourings such as Heston Blumenthal’s vanilla salt. Vanilla poached eggs on Rosemary soda toast, some wilted down hedge row leaves, to give it the ‘Eggs Florentine’ effect. Italians use quality ingredients and what’s in season, that’s what I have done. You need old school breed eggs, for starters. Clarence Court are available in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. All eggs used to be like this, one generation f£cked it up, thanks. Make your own Soda bread, it’s cheap and easy to make, I know what’s in my bread. Learn about wild leaves, these are free. Or visit a farmers market.
She may have taken healthy food away from children and turned once thriving communities, into drug and crime hotspots, but she had great taste in desserts. Banoffe pie is Mrs. Thatcher’s favourite dessert. It is easy to make.
Last week’s trout is pictured. Yes I know it’s a rainbow, but it is from a good source, almost wild, caught by a fly fisherman. Ermington Sustainable Market provides again, the best veg ever.