Bavaria Fried Elderflower seriously nice

Bavaria Fried Elderflower seriously nice

Let them eat Cake/Bread

Let them eat Cake/Bread

Summer means lighter choices. Is worth a visit.

Summer means lighter choices.
Is worth a visit.

Totness good food , great vegetables.

Totness good food , great vegetables.

Summer is defiantly here, but the rain has also arrived again. The first mackerel has been cooked. At the weekend I made a Strawberry Crème Bavoire, we put gooseberry with fresh elderflower on the side, a superb combo. On my last visit to Exeter I stopped at a restaurant called cote this is a chain. It was not a bad meal at all. Breton Chicken, Celeriac ham remoulade and a very nice crème caramel for £12.
Previously I visited Totness good food. It is not as good as it used to be. Perhaps my expectations have gone up. I did get some nice vegetables. The fruit and veg stall is worth visiting. Some superb meat, superb cheese.
Worth avoiding: the place that sold me a tart tatin . This needs to be served from an oven perhaps. Bacon, I had previously was not as good this time, it could have been a one-off. The other bacon stall is awful; I think it’s called Blackwell. I noticed Teighn valley bakery was also there, this is also crap! We bought one of their loaves from Williams Yard food market, my girlfriend is Bavarian, Bavarians are experts on bread. I am no expert but Teign bakery bread is shit!
Also leave the Pretzel alone, until you are in Germany: Tesco’s and Totness are selling them, both are shockingly poor.
Check out Red Dog Bakery if you get the chance, they are a much better outfit. Some great flavours, real sourdough and more.
Work has brought me in to a real kitchen. It is really cool to be with people who know so much about food and cooking. Very nice people, also very hard workers, Results mean focus and hard work. Superb food, no time for photos though. A professional environment, my blog would not do it justice. I love being in this environment.
Our local council has said no to Crayfish traps. They say environment agency has a blanket ban on them over the whole of Devon. I would love to hear others comment on this.
My Cakes are improving, creaming sugar and butter, was my previous problem. 10 mins. You cannot overwork this stage, so don’t be afraid to give it plenty. The butter must turn white, I am using a hand mixer, lucky you if you have a table top mixer. Putting Soda bread in the oven at the same time as your cake is a great idea. Soda Bread Baking Temperature can be varied with good results. Adding chopped herbs to Soda Bread is a great idea, there are plenty around. Try finding them in the wild, before you spend money in a supermarket. Most U.K. streets have Rosemary at least. Rosemary finely chopped makes Soda Bread supreme! Niahm is still top blogger, all over the world , her recent post from Canada is really cool. Do check her out.
Ghost Poet and Woodpecker Wooliams are my musical choices at the moment. Unique, quality, check them out. A a superb Lucy Rose Gig in Exeter, has reassured me music is still cool. LemonGrove Exeter has superb sound engineers. Lucy’s new Bass addition has added to the sound in a really good way. Exeter University is a outstaingly good place. Also New Model Army are bringing out a new Album , different to their last ones. They look amazing on youtube. November I see them again in London, previous gigs have been superb.

Go pick some Elderflower on the next sunny day! Check out its uses. If your lucky you can get it fried in batter, one of my favourite things in the world.


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