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Wahaca, Charlotte Street, London


Banana Chocolate Loaf is very nice with a coffee

Banana Chocolate Loaf
is very nice with a coffee

Healthy and Tasty

Healthy and Tasty

Very nice breakfast
Sweetcorn fritters with avocado and salsa and English Chorizo
Really pleasant healthy change from full English. So many English breakfasts are rubbish; I make my own or go for something else. Roasts of Borough Markets full English is OK but very expensive. I live in Devon I have the best produce for making my own. West Peak Farm Bacon and Sausages, you can’t beat this so do not try.
Banana chocolate loaf, healthy ? I am not sure. Is it tasty? Amazingly tasty. Now this is better than when I made my own. Mine was good this was stunning. The only thing better about mine? Willie Harcourt-Cooze 100% Cacao (Devon Again).
2 Lattés , ever tried sleeping in a dorm after being still fired up from a P.I.L .gig?