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A’Ja ( Bread Fritters)


Yotam Ottolenghi, another winner. Food brings people together. That’s what I learnt from the amazing ‘Jeruselem on a Plate’ series.
I wonder why the UK government is so keen to stop children eating food that is healthy and interesting? Thatcher X’d out school dinners and replaced them with terrible food. Labour did not reverse this, Cameron has also not put proper healthy/interesting food on our children’s plates.
Yotam’s Jerusalem book is worth a read. We are lucky to have it in the local library.
On the side I put a vegetable pilaf. This was made with Waitrose LOVE Life quinoa with bulgar wheat. Roughly crunched Toasted whole almonds were added to this. I used butter and olive oil to fry the vegetable base. Use what you have got, I used courgette, onion, red pepper, celery. These were at the bottom of the salad draw, crying to be used.
This is what should be on a school dinner menu, parents should also be serving this. I work in a supermarket, I see what’s going in the baskets, it scares me.
Cant wait to visit Yottam in London, A must visit, if you are in London

Yotam wins again

Yottam wins again



Who would hurt a donkey? I wish no one would, but unfortunately some people do. I am Looking forward to a visit to the donkey sanctuary in March that’s for sure. Donkeys are really cool. Visit your local Donkey Sanctuary, these are from Devon.