Another attempt with the pasta machine, visually great results.
Realising how the tagliatelle attachment works, was simple but effective. Holding one end of the pasta until the very end, that’s the end that has not gone through. The other end goes straight down not on to a table or your hand or both. It is scooped by hand at the last second/nano second.
I hanged the pasta on a clothes drier until the water had boiled, this worked well. I used Semolina flour, next time I mix 00 with semolina flour 50/50. I used Tesco happy eggs, this showed. Next time it’s Clarence Court rare breed. Also next time, more Yolk for richer pasta. I used 2 eggs 200g flour.
Mixed with a duck ragout, very nice .Pan fried duck leg, onion garlic fennel seeds some in season asparagus , Fennel tops added and taken out (flavour).

Pasta , that's the 6th time we have used the machine.

Pasta , that’s the 6th time we have used the machine.


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