Ermington Hash



No, not that type of Hash! This is not Ambridge Lockstock Festival! I believe that’s the biggest bust, Radio 4’s soap ‘The Archers’ has ever seen. A character called ‘Moonface’ busted with 2ounces of weed, hilariously funny, I am not sure if it was meant to be. 

Back to the real world, my hash has superb ingredients from ‘Ermington Sustainable’. Served by nice people, the atmosphere at Ermington is always a good one. ‘Ermington Sustainable’ is full of nice happy people. The produce is superb.   Next time you buy food observe the temperament/attitude of people those around you.  It could tell you something about what you are buying, before you even see it.

So those ingredients, Rainbow Chard, picked that morning, absolutely no pesticides, I have yet to get better greens. They are also massively cheaper than the supermarket. The colour made this dish.

A few Tomatoes various all local, better than the supermarket and much cheaper.

Celeriac, small , but such a fantastic nice flavour , again cheap as chips.

Garlic was fantastic, better than Spanish or Chinese. Not enough people realise how good UK garlic is. Only Pyrenees  Garlic would win this battle. Again a great price.

Other helpers are pictured, alas not from Ermington.

Cornish salt is good , bud its not Maldon , which is my usual choice. Halle Mon is also a great salt , but mostly in recipes, where salt is in the recipe title. You might want to visit Devon Salts for flavoured salts. When I make my own sea salt I will blog it.

Jamie’s Olive oil, like many of his products pretty good, but not the best. You would have to pay 4 times as much to get the best. Jamie’s olive oil is good value for money, £3 reduced from £5 in Waitrose. If you want a peppery hit, as apposed to grassy hit, this your oil. Again its brilliant in certain things.

A cheap Chorizo , it did its job , from a local supermarket.

Shallot from Waitrose

Good Black Pepper from Bart Spices

Lemon thyme from Waitrose, it should of been from my mothers garden or the local community herb garden.  

Thanks to all the Ermington Sustainable people for a great morning and yet another great meal.

other news

I am looking at Eat Like a Girls Caramelised Onion, Coconut & Egg Curry as we speak .

I hope to put a stall at Ermington after my holiday, its a secret until then. I don’t want my idea stolen.




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