Brown Bread Ice Cream

Choice of brown roll or sliced wholemeal (I used the sliced)

Choice of brown roll or sliced wholemeal (I used the sliced)

I last made this when I lived in Dorset.  I first tried it, out of curiosity, in a restaurant called the ‘Langton Arms’, in Dorset.  That was Some 20 years ago, I was amazed at how good it tasted.  I had my memory jogged by ‘Come Dine with Me’ on the Television, this week.

A mix of two day old chopped wholemeal bread (two slices, chopped pieces no bigger than a corn kernel/nugget) cooked with light Muscovado sugar in roughly equal amounts. This is added to basic vanilla ice cream.

I used a good non stick frying pan to make the bread and sugar mix. Most recipes use a tray and oven; I found that the oven got sugar coated, when I did this method. So if you like cleaning, use the second method. Both methods give good results.  Watch the sugar doesn’t burn, five to ten minutes, depending on your cooker. The mix will be crunchy, when cooled.  Add this near the end of your ice cream mixing, so it is evenly distributed through the ice cream.

I used Gordon Ramsay’s Crème anglaise/Ice cream recipe from his Just Desserts book (the best cookery book you will buy, a seriously good investment).

Cook’s notes– Use vanilla pods best quality,  .Other ice cream/dessert recipes exist if you have little money. Some of my future and past blogs show how to be frugal with great results.  Clarence Court rare breed eggs if you can get them. The local COOP had them this week by mistake. I believe they were destined, for another branch.


Some Blackberry syrup added

Some Blackberry syrup added

Crunchy nutty treats in the middle creamy vanilla .

Crunchy nutty treats in the middle creamy vanilla .


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