Horseradish,beetroot,smoked mackerel

Horseradish,beetroot,smoked mackerel

More people should experiment with Pizza.  Todays Pizza was cooked by a 6 year old, it was superb. So why are you still paying a fortune for a crap pizza? Pizza cost peanuts to make. I don’t mind paying for a good pizza, people of Plymouth, there are no good pizza places in Plymouth. I believe Totness could offer some hope. In fact Totness offers real hope where food and life is concerned.

My favourite Pizza places are in San Benedetto , Grottammare, Pizza Pilgrims London , and Solo Pizza Munich.

Also in Totness I met some amazing people from the 12 tribes community there bread and other products are for real. While I am not a Christian , I take the good from any community, there is some real good coming from these guys. Christianity would be a lot better if it dropped the hate. Not preached by all, but some are preaching it. It needs to stop! My friends are gay I love them. There is nothing wrong with being gay! Some gay people are being murdered, tortured, imprisoned for loving. This not acceptable , don’t allow it,don’t help those who are responsible.

Horseradish, Smoked Mackerel, beetroot.

Horseradish, Smoked Mackerel, beetroot.



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