Great Food


Lots of great Food, some not so good. My Doppelganger experiment is still ongoing, not sure on the first trial. I ate them, so they can’t have been that bad. I would love to see what Polish sausages are like after the brining treatment. I am thinking the next sausages I buy are too good for brine.

Speaking of good meat West Peak Farm delivered again. Ugborough and Ermington Sustainable are where you will find the best Hogget/Mutton/Lamb. Having tried much meat in Michelin Establishments(Clare Smyth, Gordon Ramsay, Jason Atherton & more) , Farmer Sharpe (Queen/Royal meat advisor), Various high end butchers in London and beyond, I can honestly say last week’s chops were the best I have had. Flavour and tenderness were there. Usually its one or the other or neither.

I used Pitt Cue basic rub again, this is a superb mix, very versatile. I even used with flour on fish. Floured Whiting with spice cheap easy healthy, ubber tasty. Hopefully you get to try some of the excellent produce from West Peak I may buy all the chops, watch out.

Also more Levi Roots, Mr. Jamaica’s Jamaican Porridge, is well worth playing around with. I had to rush on ‘National Porridge Day’ so Gordon’s baked Porridge was not done. The first attempt at his was amazing; I used Vanilla sugar instead of vanilla essence & condensed milk. My next efforts were good, but not as good. Coconut milk and Porridge it’s the future!

Next up its Tagine time , actually Gordon’s Mutton Hogget Tagine Oh yes it’s all coming together now, as dondylion would say, for those unfamiliar with dondilylion. The Tagine Cooking pot cost £4 from a charity shop.

My first Tagine was pretty good, a few tweaks, for a great result. Apple Coriander Cous Cous on the side.

Also if like me, you don’t think Joey Ramone is a miracle. Bono sorry your wrong on this one, I am right.

£4 from a charity shop!

£4 from a charity shop!

Best Hogget ever! Ugborough/Ermington Sustainable! West Peak Farm!

Best Hogget ever!
Ugborough/Ermington Sustainable! West Peak Farm!


Mr Jamaica's  Jamaican Porridge C.O. Levi Roots.

Mr Jamaica’s Jamaican Porridge C.O. Levi Roots.


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