Leaving the Dairy, sort of


It’s simple, we don’t need Dairy, I still use some in desserts because it there is no substitute in some areas. But to have it all the time is nonsense. Seriously, some of the healthiest people are healthier because they don’t do dairy. So Almond milk is in the fridge. People making their own Almond milk please let me know the results.

As with any big change, you may find things strange at first. My chilli chocolate this morning was not so good, until I was a third of a cup down. Then bingo, I realised this was actually nicer than the dairy version. If your dumb enough to use Cadburys with sugar milk and god knows what in it, you have only yourself to blame. Seriously it’s doing you no favours.

It’s a bit like sugar in your tea, those who go without, find sugar in tea awful. Once you have given up sugar in tea, it’s unlikely you will go back. I gave it up when I was 10/11 I think. I also don’t do sugar/fizzy drinks, I hate them. People, who are addicted to these, think they are amazing, now who’s right and wrong?

Willies 100% cacao, almond milk, cardamom, cinnamon, chilli and honey. Healthy, tasty, result!

I have the new River Cottage book on loan from the library. This is one amazing book. It has opened senses to new things. Light and Easy, so steering away from dairy and other unhealthy stodgy things. The recipes are truly wonderful. Healthy, interesting, colourful and f?cking tasty! There that’s the second time I have sworn on my blog that’s how good this book is.

Massala Omelette, Limey bananas Poppy Seed Oatcakes, Scrambled Egg with Kippers? That’s just some of the breakfast ideas. Beetroot burgers, Gooseberry Gazspacho Roasted Fennel and Lemon soup. Nordic Slaw with Rye Crumbs. Quinoa with gooseberry tabbouleh Aromatic Nutty Chicken Rhubarb and Rose Sorbet.  Just the tip of the iceberg!

Recipes: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall cooks up recipes from his ...




 I have just done the Tomato and Aubergine soup, with some Rye flatbreads on the side. Superb results, do use the optional toasted crushed cumin on top, it makes a big difference.


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