Rye-gestives : Bake Love Not War!


Ryegestives with Ekte Gjetost

Another winner, from Hughes Light and Easy book. Dairy free, tasting massively better than shop bought die-gestives. Some of the processed foods we buy are scarily bad for us. So making your own seems like a good idea.

These are easy enough to make and contain some good ingredients. I recommend the raw coconut oil used, it’s an amazing product.

It also means you eat a sensible amount. Who hasn’t gone overboard with a cheapo packet of custard creams? Once you start following the excellent advice in Hugh’s book, you won’t want to be putting any of that shit in your system any more.

My picture shows one topped with Ekte Gjetost which is a sweet, brown, firm cheese, made solely from pure goat’s milk which is boiled under pressure until caramelization occurs. Stronger than regular Gjetost, it is widely popular among Scandinavians, and anyone who has visited that part of the world. Children especially enjoy its sweet flavour and fudge-like texture. It is often eaten as a breakfast cheese. I bought mine from Chandos Deli Exeter.

Here’s what the Daily mail says about shop bought biscuits

Digestive biscuits

Pros: Contains protein and some dietary fibre, and are not loaded with artificial ingredients. Cons: High in fat, particularly saturated fat. Also high in sugars, but low in vitamins and minerals. A chocolate topping adds more calories and fat. Digestives are also the saltiest of all mass-produced biscuits. Three of them supply as much sodium as a packet of crisps. Typical biscuits consist overwhelmingly of highly refined flour, generous quantities of sugar and chemically hardened vegetable fat. Healthier-seeming versions prominently featuring ingredients such as Oats and dried fruits often contain just as much or even more sugar than the standard biscuit and surprisingly large amounts of fat.

The worst thing about biscuits is the Trans fats they contain -chemically altered fats produced when vegetable oils are hardened.

The Department of Health recommends that we consume no more than 5g Tran’s fats per day.





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