I had the Blues, but I shook them off! With some hot Soup.


This is soup weather, if ever there was soup weather. I have made Spiced whole cauliflower and coconut, Jerusalem Artichoke, pictured is pheasant with real garlic bread.  All amazing.

If your near a Waitrose , get your hands on that bread. The label says best toasting bread, there not wrong. For the garlic bread ; just rub a freshly cut half clove of garlic over both sides of hot toast. Serve immediately with warm/hot pheasant soup.

Pheasant soup, everything except the breasts. I schnitzel’d the breasts. Some good streaky bacon cut up , I used Heston’s bacon from Waitrose

Wild pheasant soup, keep winter colds at bay.

Wild pheasant soup, keep winter colds at bay.

. Whatever veg you have , onion, carrot, fennel, parsnip, went in mine. Some hard winter herbs if you have them  When all the meat is cooked and tender, take out the meat and discard the bones.  Blitz the soup until thick Shred the meat back in to the soup season with salt and black pepper. Pheasants are free range to wild, they are also uber healthy. £6 a brace .If you live where I live, there is no excuse, for eating factory/torture farmed chicken.


I threw nothing away except a slice off the bottom of the cauliflower. A base of onion garlic and curry powder. Finished with some coconut and seasoned to taste with a stock cube (shoot me) and pepper. I sived this soup before adding the coconut milk.

Similar with the Jerusalem Artichoke soup onion garlic artichokes, seasoned with a stock cube(shoot me)and pepper. If you scrub artichokes instead of peeling them you have more flavour. You don’t get the white soup you see in restaurants. Substance over style. A few vegetables have flavour on the outside carrots are another example of this, I scrape carrots, no peeling. You could finish this with a little truffle oil, or real truffle perhaps. At Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen I had spiced lobster added, fucking amazing!

Wild/free range, healthy, tasty, cheaper than you think.

Wild/free range, healthy, tasty, cheaper than you think.

Full of Flavour

Full of Flavour



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