This is London Calling, London Calling!

Lewisham's Micro Library.

Lewisham’s Micro Library.

This is London Calling, London Calling!


Thank you Linna Stores and Waitrose (that coffee is free)

Thank you Linna Stores and Waitrose (that coffee is free)

Great food, Great Music, mixed weather. Thankfully after some confusion I ended up in a Premier Inn, two actually. I’m no fan of chains normally, but Premier have delivered again, it can be done. Great service, clean good sized rooms, three good night’s sleep. Thank you!

Food wise, as you may have guessed, I go elsewhere. I would like Some Premier’s having guest food coming in. London is on fire with street food. Gordon Ramsay has had street food guests in Bread Street Kitchen.

Three floors, superb!

Three floors, superb!

First night: I rushed to Hawker House, I had some banging Tacos from

Seriously nice!

After I checked in to my hotel, I hot footed it to Camden Jazz Cafe. On their menu was the mighty Dreadzone. Dreadzone delivered once again. They were on home turf; they are electric home or away, tonight was no exception. Whilst Exeter has the best bouncing crew London Rocked. It was a hot one, that’s for sure.

Next day finds me eating a heartbreaker burger at Tongue and Cheek. This is one of my favourite burgers. Despite the name its not overwhelming. The name comes from its ox heart centre. I had an Original . This had beef patty, cheddar, spicy chimichurri sauce, water cress, sour cream.

Amerterville! No this is Lewisham!

Amerterville! No this is Lewisham!

After a very nice coffee from Now its Easter so I’m finding a Paris-Brest from Patisserie des Reves. Again superb.

Blood oranges, are nowhere to be seen where I live, so finding them in London was a result! Thank you La Fromagerie. Forward then to Lina Stores for another sweet and my free Waitrose Coffee. Waitrose are another example of a chain that delivers, there aren’t many.

So, money is tight, it’s a free art gallery.

Pillow Fight!Trafalgar square, is my stop. Its kicking off big time! Thankfully pillows are involved, so no one is hurt. 1000 pillows perhaps? Feathers are everywhere, seriously it’s a blizzard of feathers!

On then to the national gallery. My favorite painting is not there whaaaaaa! Eventually I find out that Tate Britain, have nicked it bahhhh!

Back to my second hit of Hawker House, tonight its a slider from Chicken Satay, again super tasty! Duck chips from Duck n Roll were OK. No alcohol so I skipped the Whiskey a go go roulette and other bars.

A quick trip around Waitrose and Selfridges, alas not doing any major shopping. Then it’s back to the hotel.

Sunday sees a misguided trip on buses to Wembley. Again saving money, as buses are half the price. Traffic jams, are out of our control, but I never had a problem when Ken was in charge?

After missing the Rib Man at Brick Lane, I settled for some other food, not the worst but not amazing. My bagel and coffee were pretty nice. Some S.E. Asian food was as I said OK.

Eventually I make Wembley, I check in and have some Caribbean food. HotSpice deliver a very nice meal, a well balanced plate of very tasty food. They also do take away, my next trip to London, sees a take away for sure!

Cheap Camera, amazing temple!

Cheap Camera, amazing temple!

Onward to the now closed BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Neasden (also commonly known as the Neasden Temple).

It was a clear sky and dark. The temple looked mind blowing against this backdrop. Again my next London visit sees me visiting this during the day, for a proper view.

Next day I’m going home via a recommendation from Meera Sodha. I find Ealing Road and the best Indian community food and more. Forget tourist trap Brick Lane, this is real deal! Much cheaper, tastier. A very friendly vibe, another must return visit. My Veg Pav Bhaji cost £2. Amazing food and clothes all around.

Back to Waterloo, don’t bother with the station and its rip off food. There is a small bakery nearby that does much better at a fraction of the cost. Here ends my trip to London.

Best Burger, along with Bread Street Kitchen!

Best Burger, along with Bread Street Kitchen!

Very Cheap Tasty Friendly!

Very Cheap Tasty Friendly!

This how BrewDog Roll!

This how BrewDog Roll!


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  1. I love this guide to London! I want to re-enact your entire journey (although I’m not sure if I can keep up with your burger imbibing!) This is exactly what I want to know about a couple days in London: art, music, food, funny random things, getting around, delivered simply. Do let me know when you visit next!

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