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Asian broth with Lidstones Beef dumplings.


SDC16977Asian broth with Lidstones Beef dumplings. Lidsones beef is the star here! An experiment with seaweed made the broth more interesting.
Dumplings Filling: Minced Beef, spring onion, garlic powder, ginger aubergine, fennel, soy sauce, chive, corn flour.
The usual ingredients of stock, ginger, garlic, star anise, miso to make the broth. Some good homemade stock that needed using up. A mix of pepper fennel. Finishing with chive flowers makes a nice touch. Seek out chive flowers or three cornered garlic flowers there not here for much longer.

Dumplings were fried before adding to the broth.

Healthy Tasty Easy All ingredients available (even the seaweed from erm Tesco).

Food Glorious Food and Music 17th May 2015

I added a Clarence Court poached egg and asparagus to Gordon's classic .

I added a Clarence Court poached egg and asparagus to Gordon’s classic .

Clarence Court eggs, are the best eggs, check out that yolk! Pickled Walnuts, from Waitrose.

Clarence Court eggs, are the best eggs, check out that yolk! Pickled Walnuts, from Waitrose.

Gordon Ramsay again nails it. People wanting to know about British food, should check out Gordon’s pub food book. I cooked for the second time: Creamed Haddock and pickled walnuts on toast. Excellent smoked Haddock from caughtonline. I used Italian bread for toasting, bought from Waitrose. It’s a shame that our local pubs don’t sell good erm pub food. Our village is on the edge of Dartmoor, the two for £10 shite is not doing anyone any favours. 7 take aways , none of them any good.
There are lots of fruits coming in to our shops at the moment. I bought some apricots, its the colour that pulls me in with apricots. Back in Bavaria, you will see lots of apricots, better quality apricots. That said cooking apricots takes them to a new level. Gordon again, apricot compote, simple but gorgeous. Some real vanilla ice cream, on the side. Gordon Ramsay – Just Desserts is a book no one should be without.
Other hits food wise have come from Levi Roots. His Jamaican porridge recipe is the new alarm clock! Put some sunshine in your life, check out Levi’s recipes. Hake and Chips at Rockfish for £3 , on the monthly fish Friday, now that is amazing!
Brilliant music is in the air at the moment Rae Morris has her Love Again remixed by Clean Bandit and others its amazing. Blur have a new album out its superb. Acid Pauli and Monolink have a tune called the end that’s also superb. Lucy Rose is smashing it live and studio! Just got her CD on order with a gig ticket for £10!!!! That’s value, seriously the new stuff is so cool, her last gig was on fire! Check out 2Shy (WARPAINT-STEEZ Remix) also Ghost Poet X -Marks the Spot (feat. Nadine Shah).
Also The Notwist’s latest album called Messier Objects, it is something prety cool. I hope they play live near me sometime this year. It’s Wales at the moment?
Go see Rae Morris with Tom Odell at one of the forest live gigs. Tune in to Rinse FM Loving Josey Rebelle and Horse Meat Disco.