Moroccan Pigeon pie


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Wow! Another one gone! Happy New Year.

Excessive rain storms on a daily basis, no thanks? Moroccan Pigeon pie yes please.

Most of these pies have a similar format that you can change, to suit what you have available. Good chicken works well instead of Pigeon, Pipers Farm Exeter do the best chicken in the world, French Bresse is a close second, but Waitrose Free range/organic, label rouge ,sheepdrove organic or similar would be acceptable.

Basically its cooked shredded meat and/or vegetables with spices with almonds/raisins or dried apricot. This is bound together with an egg, encased in filo pastry and baked.  If using chicken, left over roast or thigh/ leg would be good. I roasted two pigeons off at 180 degrees for 25/30 mins. I made a good stock with the leftover carcases.

Pigeons are cheap and plentiful, as with all wild foods they are massively healthy. So go seek out a good supplier (that’s not a supermarket).

I used Cumin Cardamom, orange zest (very good with pigeon), garlic ginger turmeric, cinnamon.  Remembering its Moroccan you can easily arrange the spice mix to suit your store cupboard.

Vegetables? I used diced carrot and thinly sliced onion. I used mandolin for the onion garlic ginger and fried these for the base of the pie mix.

Melted butter between each sheet of filo, about 5 on the bottom, add the cooled pie mix. Then 4 or 5 on the top.  Fold them all over, brush beaten egg yolk on the top. Bake In an oven for 35 40 minutes  at 180.  Just watch nothing burns. Dust very lightly with icing sugar, if you like. Serve with some homemade or Ugborough/Ermington Sustainable or Rubies in The Rubble chutney!

*Words of wisdom on cinnamon, home ground sticks are better than most of the pre ground rubbish in the supermarkets.  


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