Monthly Archives: May 2016

Dandy Warhols Bristol


What a gig!!! I knew it would be good, it was amazing. Maximum respect, to all the Dandy’s crew. Maximum respect to Academy staff, another great gig!!

Dandy’s are so cool, there fantastic catalogue along with a great new album. Seriously go see The Dandy Warhols!!

Great new single, off the superb Album.

Had some nice food at Sticks and Broth A new Ramen Bar in Bristol. A few pints at BrewDog.

spicy miso

Great night out. Hello to all the nice people I met that day, there were many.


Chicken Mole


SDC17408Pipers farm chicken, Mexican black turtle beans, Willie Hardcourt-Couzes 100% Cacao, peanuts,cinnamon stick ,star anise, cumin, Wahaca Chipotle, chicken stock.


On the side Summer Mexican Coleslaw in Corn Tortilla wraps. Salad, (whatever you have). Dressing of  Coriander, mint, lime mayo, garlic granules, cactus syrup(or sweetening of your choice),salt.  Result!!!!!!

 Star of the show!!!