This blog lets you know my tastes in food music and comedy. I champion sexual equality,human rights etc. Foraging, beaches, cooking, music, its what life is about. I don’t do religion, but I love churches and choral music. Science and fact are my explanation as in Charles Darwin not Noah’s Ark 🙂 .

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  1. Good food is a basic human right
    Think about those who don’t have this basic human right
    Respect others
    Help Others, Support local business.
    Buy rare breed food (food bred for quality, not a fast buck).
    Buy free range food
    Help ‘Amnesty International’
    Live to eat don’t eat to live
    Enjoy life
    Read More, visit that bookshop and library
    Learn More
    Learn more about your environment
    Forage more; the best things in life are free
    Wild food is the best; it’s humans that mess it up
    Cook More

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