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Second batch of Elderflower on the go, interesting to see how this differs from the first batch, as I have used Champagne yeast.
There is a huge amount on the net River Cottage to Mumsnet. This seems to be a really good one.
Last of the Harvest – elderflower ‘champagne’
Next up “Rhubarb Champagne” if the last of the rhubarb is still there on Sunday.
Speaking of wine, Pullo Exeter now deliver all over the UK. I have just received a delivery, to cure the lockdown blues. “SampleMousse” is the one I’m intrigued by, but I know they will all be amazing.

“I’ll get my goat” Just realised is in South Devon, I am placing an order today. Looking forward to ex dairy meat. Ex dairy cows make the best steaks on the planet. Two places, one in Sansebastian one in London back this up. Also the previous local racks of goat from Ashburton/Buckfastliegh (I think) were superb!



Work is interesting, dancing with death on a daily basis. People think the rules dont apply to them. Had some nice wine from waitrose, alas todays glass was not so brilliant. Missing Pullo in Exeter who do the most amazing wines, ciders, and outside lockdown realy banging food nights. Music wise, La Fleur is smashing it :

Heller & Farley Project – Ultra Flava (Darius Syrossian’s Full Pressure Extended Remix)

Lots of wild garlic, hedgerow greens, elderflower has just begun. Bread making, with nice flour from the health shop. Cant get near a beach:( My woodland walks have gone deeper 🙂

What a year!!!


Cool times in Blackpool, Manchester, Lancaster, London, Bristol, Spain, Exeter. Did I realy visit them all? On Megabus 🙂
Best food and wine was from “Exploding Nights” @explodingbakery close on their heels “Wokyko” then “The Almond Thief”
Rae Morris Smashed it again. Lancaster and London. I found the joy of Poteen , an artisan product that deserves respect. “The Sun Tavern” Bethnal Green cool place. “Phill is Canal Man”
A Big Country gig was attended, superb gig. It was a weird story of how I got there.




Bilbao is a great place for a short visit. Tapas overdose cheap good wine. Nice people, nice place. “Bcool Hostel” was cheap and good. Area is policed heavily, that tells you a lot. I have lived in tough neighbourhoods, other people may not be used to this.
La Ribera Market is a must visit open late for tapas etc. Guggenheim Bilbao is also worth a visit, not as good as Tate Modern though.
Sit down three course meals, looked very touristy.
Back to Bristol “WokyKo” delivers yet again with very nice wine food and sake. TheKorean Fried Cauliflower third restaurant is amazing, as are the others. The Korean fried cauliflower was something else. If your on a budget share a ramen or hit the noodle bar. My meal was £38 for 4 plates large wine and sake, good value. All dishes were superb, as was the wine/sake.
After missing the bus by 1 minuet, I decided Stokes Croft was obviously the place to go. Crofters Rights at last, PIL played as I entered bar staff wearing Sub Humans T shirts, superb pub!!! A few brews later I’m on the bus home. Interesting chat with passenger next to me. Hopefully Exploding bakery will give her a hand at negotiating good food in the area.

Lali Puna Being Water


LP New One ajLfsLDKY9Yy8E9774SRCb2RNqg Everyone’s favourite
More superb music from Valerie and Lali Puna who tours this month
I’m seeing her and the band at Rich Mix in London , cant wait. I’m spoilt Lucy Rose followed by Lali Puna lots of good food, a glass of something and good times as well.
This video is from Munich where I once lived, I think saw MarKus and Valarie pass me once, I was as ever to nervous to say hi, I will never no for sure if it was them 🙂


Lucy Rose “No Words Left”


Pleased to hear Lucy’s new album live at Rough Trade. A great album as expected.
No drums, superb bass (fretless) and strings. Honest as ever, hauntingly beautiful. A proper album.
Great to hear music being used in the way Lucy has with this album. Subjects that are close to my heart. One song made me loose sleep a bit, previous long term relationship. Lucy’s music has helped me a lot with stressful times
Some great Interviews with real wordsmiths better than I
Try these
Strongest album to date, I think the Union Chapel gig will suit the new material very well. One of my favourite artists in one of my favourite venues.
Thank you Lucy and all involved!

Buy this album see Lucy Rose live

Forage for Flavour!


Back on the beach, tide not out. Never the less some Sea Beet leaves, Wild Fennel, three cornered garlic, and Pennywort  were picked. sea-beet-aspects

Most people in the UK. walk past some amazing free greens in the winter, straight to the supermarket. Plastic bags filled with gas to make the contents last longer.

With many of us poor, not so healthy and a planet that is looking similar. It’s a no brainer! What I picked is in abundance! I seriously needed the exercise! The end results of cooking are superb! Great flavour and lots of nutrients.

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